What should I tell about the Space Invaders? I think you know them.

It was the summer of 2010. 3 years after I left Vibravoid. I was jamming a lot and my only project which came together frequently (once a year, hahaha…) was the Freak City Band. A jamband were I played in, which opened the Burg Herzberg Festival every year at the mainstage. But I became bored of the Freak City Band. All spaceheads already left the band and the jams went more and more into Blues. Blues is a respectable music. But I don´t like the blues pattern and I couldn´t drink as much Southern Comfort as necessary to chum up with them. I even don´t like Southern Comfort.

Suddenly, in the last few hours of the festival Tipi Mike happened to me. We had some great space jams in a first aid tent at the festival. Together with DJM and others. After 2 hours of jamming I asked him if he´s interested to found a band. So we became the Space Invaders. Together with DJM, Dirk Bittner (both of Electric Orange) and our first part-time drummer Tom. But Tom wasn´t available constantly, so we were looking for a drummer who wanted to do a fulltime job. We found him with Dennis Gockel from Weltraum.

Now, 3 albums, an official bootleg, a lot of freaky shows & collaborations with good old friends and special guests later, we are an established band in the european space scene.
Currently we play with Baal Brain, an old fellow worker of mine, with whom I rigged lights in the Cologne Arena.